If you’ve been working on your application or already received an equip contract through NRCS, give us a call. We are familiar with contract requirements, and are ready to start clearing trees or building terraces for you.

Never heard of NRCS? Here is a short video of services they provide to landowners. Our area has some good people, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to provide you with more info.

Note: Winters Dozer Service has no affiliation with NRCS, but would appreciate the opportunity to work with you as the landowner should you receive benefit from equip programs.

Here are 2 tanks that Winters Dozer Service has built over the last few weeks. These landowners have hit it just right to catch any spring runoff. Are you going to wait too long? Give us a call and we’ll head you way with the right equipment and operator to build that ideal tank. Phone: 325.754.4917.

Rain catch

If you missed your chance to fill a tank with recent rains, let us help you prepare for the next rain. Don’t miss it again!

Here is a few before and after pictures of a tank we did for a cattle producer in Southern Taylor county. The last picture was sent by a proud owner yesterday. It was built in a corner and backed up to trees that the owner wanted to leave. Limited spacing, but it turned out great! He did it right, and was fortunate enough to have it full within 2 weeks.

Clean that tank out!

With drought in many Texas counties, now is the time to clean out, deepen, or expand your dry or near dry tanks. Every day is one day closer to that big rain, and is your tank ready to catch enough water to supply you through the next dry spell?

Whether your tank is completely dry or has a little water left in it, we can take care of you.

This is a tank we’re working for the Cross M Ranch. If you want to be up next, call us! 325.754.4917

Post Season To-dos

You know that list you’ve been working on throughout the deer season to improve your hunting spot? Things like clearing shooting lanes, thinning trees for game visibility, creating a food plot location, or building a wildlife watering hole? We are ready to take care of those things so that you’re prepared for next season. Call us now so your vegetation is back and you have plenty of water for next year.

Today we are building a tank on a beautiful high fence ranch in North Runnels. You can have one just as nice if you’ll just holler at Winters Dozer Service.

Join Us


We currently have an open equipment operator position. Experience and CDL are preferred, but not required. We offer great pay, flexible scheduling, local work, and a low stress environment. If you think you’re one we’re looking for, give us a call at 325-754-4917 or fill out the form below.

Winters Dozer Service is a conservation company in Winters, TX, providing construction and excavation services to agriculture producers. Open position is in Winters, where daily activities are primarily in local region. Proof of citizenship and drivers license are required.




Davis Ranch

This week, we completed some conservation projects on the Davis Ranch, which is East of Winters, TX. Don and Gene Davis are extraordinary at managing the needs of their properties and its wildlife. Information on the ranch can be found at http://davisranches.com/DavisRanch.pdf.

We worked on 2 different locations, where we created a shallow water catch, cleared a bottom that feeds a stock tank, built diversion terraces into a pond, and made some repairs to the ranch roads by installing a new culvert.

Thank you Don and Gene!