Customer Satisfaction, what it’s all about!

Nothing makes a business owner prouder than to hear a customer tell you personally “Your guys are doing a GREAT job!” ~ Metzler

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority! We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to ensure that every customer is pleased with the job they placed in our hands to do. Every job, no matter the size, they are all a big deal to us. We are very grateful to our customers, to have chosen Winters Dozer Service to handle the needs of your property is a great honor to us!

Operator Slade killed it on this tank. The landowners said they needed a hole to keep their champion field trial dogs cool and hydrated. Normally, the dam wouldn’t be set up like this, but the backside of it serves as a backstop for a 1000yd gun range. The picture was taken before the dam was dressed and the bottom was lined with clay, but I think it’ll definitely meet the need. If you look real close, you can see that the WDS kids enjoyed racing down the slope. Luckily neither of them lost their legs and ate dirt.

BIG Improvements

The 750L and one of the world’s greatest operators have been making BIG improvements on the West Ranch. The ranch sits South of Melvin, and the tank pictured below was just built on part of the ranch that is for sale. We have worked with this land owner for multiple years and are truly greatful for his loyalty.


Thank God for the rain! Every landowner prays for rain after we finish their tank, and we love to see the results when those prayers are answered. These are 2 tanks we finished a month ago, and look at them now!

Moving Along

Yes, we have been all over the country lately. Bouncing from Runnels to Coke to Callahan to Conch and Coleman counties. We’ve been doing a lot of fence r.o.w. clearing ahead of Mitchell Ranch Services and their expert fencing, building and cleaning tanks, grubbing trees, and tornado damage cleanup. We greatly appreciate all the customers that are keeping us moving, and hope to help you with your next project.